March Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Minutes March 13, 2023

20 members and 2 board members and Coordinator present

Meeting started: 7:03pm

Ted addresses everyone welcoming them to the meeting. Tenants to Homeowners gave a presentation explaining how the organization is structured and provides support and services to people looking to become homeowners. Tenants to Home owners presenter,Nicholas, gave a clear and concise overview which included how the land is acquired for building, to applying to be part of the program, to everything that is considered when building the home, becoming the homeowner and also the support and education that is provided to the homeowner to be successful. There was a great question and answer session after the presentation.
Two representatives, Frankie and Karen, from Habitat of Humanity gave presentations. Frankie shared information about a Habitat housing development that is located in Leavenworth County to support teens transitioning out of foster care into adulthood. She explained that they are close to completing the construction and hope to have the location up and running by June. Then Karen, a board member with Habitat, presented an overview of the support Habitat for Humanity provides to the community in order to make sure there is affordable housing options for people. There was a great question and answer session after both presentations. There was also a call out for the need for volunteers. Please reach out to Habitat if you are interested.
Lisa Larson was present and shared that the City of Lawrence is looking to increase affordable housing by 6000 homes.
Kevin, neighbor, address all present sharing that he is organizing a clean up of the areas that the un-housed have been occupying once the Pallet homes are completed and the un-housed can move into their new homes. He is looking for volunteers and if you are able you can reach out to him via both North Lawrence Facebook pages.
Ted addressed the challenges that the neighbors are facing while the homeless camps remain in North Lawrence which includes the parents of Woodlawn students fearing their children walking to school, the bike club members being harassed on the trails, the theft and harassment in the neighborhood. He stated we use to have a low crime rate in North Lawrence and now it is not the case. Ted spoke of the need to help the local homeless and promoted that we continue to support the local homeless. He also spoke about the difference between the local homeless and the transients. Ted talked about the need to get back to the rural atmosphere and walking and enjoying the Levee without fear of harassment.
Larson stated that the city is looking at two locations for the Pallet homes and June is the new date for completion and establishment of the Pallet home location. There was a question and answer session by neighbors.
A neighbor addressed that the need to support and help the homeless is a nation wide crisis and not just a local issue. It was also addressed by neighbors that we need to be empathetic and compassionate in regards to mental health when talking about the un-housed. A neighbor brought up concerns in regards to surrounding cities sending un-housed to the city of Lawrence requiring the need for more Pallet homes.

It was brought up during the meeting that it appears to the North Lawrence community that the city place challenging circumstances on the neighbors and businesses.

Lisa Larson – is said that we are hoping to increase affordable housing by 6000.
Ted informed all about the current agenda’s for upcoming meetings. Currently ICL will be presenting at the April meeting. the railroad will be presenting at the May meeting and Ted is working on having the Fire and Medical Emergency team presenting at the June meeting.
Neighbors are grateful that Woodlawn is remaining open and spoke up about the need for all schools in the community to remain open due to company’s like Panasonic moving into the area.
The upcoming World Cup being held in Kansas and the need for housing for the visitors was discussed.
Ted brought up the need to repair a waterline in North Lawrence. He stated that we currently have enough water pressure to put out a house fire but not a major factory fire. Larson stated that money has been allocated to make the repair.
The loss of the tennis courts at Lyons Park was addressed and the very much anticipated Splash Pad. Neighbors are wanting the tennis court back. Ted shared that Parks and Recreation have informed him that June is the plan for opening month for the Splash Pad and that also includes new playground equipment that was picked out by the Woodlawn students. Neighbors continue to voice the want to retain the basketball court in Lyon’s Park.
Grant County neighbor brought everyone up to speed in regards to the gas line that is going to go through farm land.
Meeting Adjourned: 8:35pm

February 13th Meeting Minutes

February 13th
President and Coordiantor in attendance
Number of Neighbors in attendance: 11
“Thank you to Diane for the delicious muffins you brought to the meeting”.
Meeting called to order at 7pm
Paper copies were provided to all in attendance of the survey. Ted is providing a copy of the survey to the School Board, Chamber and City Council. NLIA Coordinator is going to compile all the emails into a list and then reach out to those neighbors in order to formulate the fundraising and sub-committees to bring neighbors together and raise money for our neighborhood. Kirsty Feltz and Jennifer Burnes were thanked for all their work putting the survey together. A very special thank you to Jennifer for her fantastic job compiling all the information received through the survey. Ted shared that the survey reflects a neighborhood that is all about community.
Ted shared his thanks to the businesses in North Lawrence for donating to help Neighbors in need during the holiday season.
Ted addressed the pallet homes for the homeless and stated that the city is still trying to find a location to put the pallet homes. Ted is keeping in constant contact with the City so he is able to update neighbors at the monthly meetings.
It was expressed there is still a negative element associated with the homeless camp and that the Levee is not as populated with runners, cyclists and walkers like it was prior to the camp moving behind Johnny’s.
Neighbors need to reach out to the city commissioners with their concerns and wishes in regards to the homeless camp by Johnny’s and the Pallet homes.
It was acknowledged that North Lawrence has experienced a negative impact due to the homeless camp moving into the Neighborhood.
It has been reported to Ted that construction on Sprinkle Pad has not begun due to Parks and Rec applying for more money for the project. The Sprinkle Pad will be operating by June or July and it is reported it will be really nice and big. Conversation has also been had with the Parks and Rec in regards to bringing tennis courts back to the neighborhood. There are also plans for restrooms at John Taylor by 2024. Neighbors are excited about the opening of the Sprinkle Pad and Park improvements.
Ted shared that restrooms will be locked down in winter due to not being heated. There is a plan for a handicap accessible porter potty at John Taylor while waiting for permanent restroom.
Neighbors expressed at the meeting that they would like to help and support Ted and appreciates all that he has done for the NLIA. A neighbor would like to be added to the agenda next month to talk about affordable housing options, Tenants to Home Owners and Habitat for Humanity.
Ted shared the history of the flooding issues and the pump station and the need for development to consider the history before developing. Ted shared, “North Lawrence soil is some of the best in the state”.
Coordinator is going to post on Website and Facebook and send messages via email asking if neighbors have anything that they would like to add to next months meeting agenda.
Ted is pushing for the Depot to be a destination by creating part of the building into a museum that will display the history of North Lawrence.
Neighbors shared concerns regarding Grant County and a “sand pit” being installed and a farmer is worried about the impact of a gas-line running under property. There is also concern about “solar panels in the area”.
Another topic brought up was the train track crossings and having to wait longer than 15 minutes. Ted is going to look into inviting representative from the Railway for a Q & A with neighbors.
A neighbor asked about the construction across from Lyon park. Ted informed that it is part of an industrial extension and that neighbors have benefited from the construction. The construction has included focus on redirecting storm water run-off which will also help reduce the amount of standing water that encourages mosquitos.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:28pm

Neighborhood meeting

North Lawrence Improvement Association Meeting Monday, February 13th, 7 p.m. Peace Mennonite Church 615 Lincoln Street. Topics currently on the agenda: info about the survey and follow up regarding the homeless camp. Please let us know if you have a topic you would like added to the agenda.

The Survey Results

The NLIA would like to thank everyone that filled out the survey and to those that did not have a chance to get it filled out we want to hear your thoughts, ideas, concerns and feelings about your neighborhood. Please feel free to email

We are excited to welcome new NLIA members and for those that would like to be a member the dues are currently $5. Your membership makes a big impact when presenting neighborhoods needs to the City Commissioners. If you would like to become a member please drop off or mail your dues to 310 Elm Street, email or attend a monthly meeting. We need you!

Meeting Minutes 1/9/2023

Minutes for 1/9/2023
Meeting started: 7:00pm
Total present: 14
Ted welcomed all to the meeting and wished everyone a happy new year. He then welcomed Lisa Larson to the meeting and asked her to join him up front. Larson addressed all present and shared the 3-5 year plan to make enough Pallet Homes available to house all that are homeless.
Ted reported that the bike club shared that they have a folder filled with incidents while riding on the trails. Bikers have reported trails obstructed by limbs and rocks and branches have been thrown at riders.
A neighbor spoke at the meeting sharing that if landlords would accept the housing vouchers it would help to provide affordable housing and get people in homes that are sitting vacant. It was expressed at the meeting that we need to keep affordable housing in North Lawrence.
Ted shared that a total of 15 families benefited from the donations collected from North Lawrence businesses. It was a record year with the total being $7200. Woodlawn identified families in need and Ted was able to find additional families in North Lawrence that were able to benefit from the support.

Additional topics that were brought up and discussed:
*Conditions of the roads including the need for pot holes to be filled.
*The loss of the tennis courts and the want to keep basketball and a variety of sports to be available to play in North Lawrence parks.
*When is the ground going to be broken to begin the construction of the Spray Park?
*Visitor’s bureau moving to Mass. Street making it hard for RV’s and visitors to find parking to access the services of the bureau.
*Chili Feed is cancelled
*Ted is working on a car show along with an art show by Stan Herd and other local artists at the Depot
*Dan Urhl is still planning on concerts at the Depot as soon as we move to warmer temperatures.
*NLIA is calling for volunteers to help with snacks and drinks at meetings including other events.
*Jennifer, neighbor, provided a print out to all present the Executive Summary of the neighborhood survey. Jennifer and Kirsty, neighbor, are going to post a link to the full survey report on the North Lawrence Website and Facebook by end of next week.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:40pm

Thank you to the following businesses and people for their generous donations. You all made the holiday season brighter for many families.

BCR Storage, Century Homes, Commercial Vehicles, Cordova, Craftsman Shower Door, Englewood Florist, Grant McCoy, ICL, Jeff Hartfield, Johnny’s, Jon & Melinda Davis, KS Manufacturing, Lawrence Journal World, Jon & Melinda Davis, KS Manufacturing, Lawrence Landscape, Lynn Electric, Quality Tow, Red Ink, River Rat Print & Skate, Select Security, The Bird – Wes Kabler, The Tint Guy, Uplift, Westheffer, Wheelers.

Open House at Centenary Church instead of the routine NLIA monthly meeting

Hoping Neighbors and Friends will attend the Open House at the Centenary Church on the 2nd Monday of the month, December 12th.

Time: 7pm

Centenary Church is collecting the following donations: non-perishable food items, canned goods, diapers and winter clothing for children. If you are able, please bring your donations to the Open House. Looking forward to seeing you all Monday, December 12th. See link below for more information about Centenary Church and the collection of nativities.